DEEP mission statement

Where are we?

The debate on digital issues in the EU has a structural problem. Due to our technical expertise and our enthusiasm for the creative–critical use of technology, we are concerned about the political decision-making process at EU level right through to regulation. Misunderstood and misunderstandable catchwords such as ‘cyber’, ‘blockchain’ or ‘artificial intelligence’ dominate. At the same time, there is a lack of basic information technology knowledge to enable a factually sound and future-oriented discourse. On the other hand, technical enthusiasts often lack an understanding of democratic processes. A common language is lacking.

What do we want?

This is where we come in — DEEP explains the important things behind the buzzwords to local political participants: Why we have to deal with the new edition of the crypto wars about key escrow, backdoors and hackback. How liability issues and cyber insurance can affect the economy. How the regulation of algorithms in times of automated decision making and AI directly affects society. Why we need to discuss automation of labour and agent systems. These highly complex topics also go far beyond traditional digital policy fields such as net neutrality, radio spectrum regulation and data protection.

We deliberately do not see ourselves as an activist lobby group with its own campaigns. We do not take to the streets for or against specific regulations and laws, but accompany the public discourse and improve the debate on technology issues. In view of the dominance of US donors and industrial lobbies, Brussels needs the expertise of European civil society more than ever.

We are actively working to ensure that the digital world is better regulated and that decision-making takes place with a greater understanding of technical interrelationships.

What do we offer?

DEEP prepares EU policy actors better for their tasks and brings independent technical experts from civil society to Brussels. We teach the basics and interrelationships directly on the ground. Our salons, impulse events and training courses are tailored in terms of content and timing to the closely timed processes of day-to-day politics.

Our content is aimed not only at decision-makers, but also at staff members and newcomers in the digital policy field, as well as relevant interest groups and NGOs. In this way, more informed decisions can be made at all hierarchical levels of EU policy and especially in the early phases of policy making.

As DEEP, we offer training and further education as well as daily events in English and French (What is a blockchain? What is artificial intelligence?), prepare dossiers on current and future technology topics, and participate in debates and consultations on the ground.

European democracy faces major challenges — we help to make these tasks sustainable and understandable for all concerned.

Elements of our work

Deep Thought: Policy development

Deep Dive: Political support

Deep Learning: Discussion and educational opportunities

Deep Web: Networking

Deep House: Presence